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About Our Business

We Respect Our Furry Customers

Scrub-A-Dub Doggie is a full service grooming salon which also offers self serve bathing.  We offer all breed full service grooming where we will groom your pet to breed standard.  We also offer unique syling based on coat condition and the desires of the pet parent.  The spa offers luxury shampoos, hydrosurge massage therapy, deep conditiong treatments, deshedding treatments and full pedicure services including nail smoothing for certain pets. For those who prefer to bathe their own dog but don't want the mess, we have a self service station available on a first come first serve basis.  The salon offers full grooming service which includes a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning and breed profile cut and style or a style requested by the pet parent.  The basic grooming service includes just a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning and bath.  Dematting services will offered at an additional charge.  Dematting will only be offered if feasible based on coat condition and pet temperament.  A la carte services are also offered at additional cost and include bath only, nail trim only, nail trim with smoothing, nail smoothing only, deep conditioning, deshedding, and leave in conditioning treatments.

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